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You think water moves fast? You should see ice. It moves like it has a mind.
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Our Approach


Interactive quizzes Self explanatory answers on each mistake


Educoins based games, earned by practice


Internal Social Media platform under strict monitoring

National Curriculum

Our all skills are programmed and correspond to the local national Curriculum

E-learning for Kids

Self explanatory Questions and answers, each question is carefully designed by international recognized educationists and experts.


For parents, view real time data and reports on usage, trouble spots, points earned and lots more to get detailed analysis of kids learning journey
Edufiniti Digital Home Schooling Programs
Edufiniti Digital Home Schooling Programs

Our Activities

Learn from your home

Edufiniti Home Schooling Programs provide lessons, tests,and records so parents and teachers have more time to give personalized attention to each individual child.

Stay tuned with your mobile devices

Edufiniti Education System requires no special equipment or downloads. The only requirements are a device with a browser, and an internet connection. That means you can use it on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Want to do a lesson at the beach, or take your kids on a trip around the world? Educaptive will travel with you.

Achievements & Awards

Knowledge isn’t the only reward on EDUFINITI…
EDUFINITI is not just about helping your children master fractions or subject-verb agreement, it’s also about helping them enjoy learning.
Unlock game items
One of the ways EDUFINITI makes learning fun is through hundreds of virtual items that reflect children’s favorite animals, foods, places and hobbies.
Discover colorful worlds
Children can wander through a Fish Aquarium, Farmhouse or DollHouse in grades Preschool to Grade 5, enjoy the great Soccer collections in grade 5 to 10 or discover the mysteries of Thrones Game when practicing grade 10 to 12.

Pre-K to Grade 12

We’ve already done the lessons for you. Because we value student success, our curriculum includes English,math, science (in future) already aligned to national, state, and testing standards. Preschool, Elementary, middle and high school levels are included (Pre-K to Grade 12), with no restrictions. Lessons are self-paced, so student can move as they feel free.

View reports of kids anytime

Achieve more with reports designed for your needs
- Get an overview of class practice and check progress on assignments.
- Keep track of scores for each and every skill in one convenient chart.
- Review the questions students answered to prepare for 1:1 coaching.
- Monitor readiness for high-stakes assessments with national curriculum alignments.

Make friends, share ideas

Get notified, buy,sell, exchange online
Our kids live on social media these days. One crucial way to make learning relevant is to meet ’em where they live, We have mixed this trend into Educaptive, where students can meet, chat, compare, sell, buy, exchange points or achievements, have lots of fun while studying.
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