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Don't let the school closure affect your child's education!

Enroll your children in EDUFINITI and help them learn math without needing tuition. The platform’s courses are thorough while the certificates are acclaimed, creating the perfect combo to solve Pakistani students' math learning woes.

Lay the Foundation for Your Little One’s Bright Future!

Many Pakistani students cram for tests to score good grades. However, cramming is a bad learning practice that leads to high stress levels before, during, and after exams as students often forget small details. Make sure your child understands concepts with EDUFINITI’s comprehensive online courses aiming to simplify math from preschool to grade 12. With personalized content backed by the best AI practices, EDUFINITI makes learning math simpler, easier, and more effective, laying the foundation for your little one’s bright future. Especially when schools in the country are repeatedly under lockdown due to COVID-19.

What’s Included in the Courses?

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With EDUFINITI, Students Can…

Learn Math from Anywhere in Pakistan

EDUFINITY lets students enroll, study, and complete their preferred courses from anywhere in Pakistan. There’s no need for parents to travel long distances to find the right school when children can get the same quality education at home. Whether your kids are just beginning their education or need help with learning advanced math, they can join EDUFINITI and elevate their math skills with ease.

Avail Effective Education at Affordable Costs

EDUFINITI offers personalized courses to students with different learning abilities. With the platform’s homeschooling system allowing round-the-clock access to lessons, students can learn math at their own pace without feeling pressured by the deadlines. Plus, the lack of accommodation, commuting, and material purchasing costs help your kids save substantial money so they can live life on their terms.

Explore New Things without Fearing Mistakes

EDUFINITI’s teaching model gives students the freedom to explore and learn new things freely. This is because students don’t have to fear being named and shamed for performing poorly with us, which is common in traditional Pakistani schools. EDUFINITI’s programs are focused on improving your kid’s weaker areas with lots of fun quizzes, games, and activities, making learning math a lot more exciting.

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For the homeschooling
Edufiniti’s family memberships are perfect for not only school goers but also for homeschooling families.

It has been our absolute honor to use your program to educate both of our children for the last eight years.”

“Thank you does not convey how much I have appreciated all the customer care and service over the years. [EDUFINITI Support] answering my millions of questions, encouraging me when I was overwhelmed or forgetful, and always being the friendly voice on the other line as we have navigated curriculum. I am so glad that we will get to continue being part of CLASS with my son, and am so grateful for the ministry and work that you all do on behalf of families like mine.”
-Javed Qureshi - Lahore​

Easy to use with high results!

Edufiniti has been our primary source of instruction in our homeschooling for the last 7 years.  We’ve stayed with it for many reasons.  Its easy to use, no strings attached- just use it, usually low stress (we all have our days!), and great quality. I really appreciate how you break down the lessons to help the kids build a paper or project over a period of time so they feel like they can do it and not be overwhelmed.  Also I like how you offer different sources to cover a topic so they can hear the lesson again but in a different way or format to help make it stick better or give them better understanding.  I’ve actually learned a lot with them, so thank you.  When anyone asks me about homeschooling, its easy for me to point them to Edufiniti as a reliable resource.
-Doctor Nabila - Islamabad​

Hassle-Free 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Your satisfaction is EDUFINITI’s passion. So, if a course doesn’t satisfy your kid within the first 30 days, your money will be returned immediately. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the syllabus decided for each class?

EDUFINITI follows the national syllabus template covering all the necessary topics from preschool to grade twelve. 

For example, EDUFINIT’s free courses covers every lesson you find in the national math syllabus for grade 5. Plus, there are quizzes, objective questions, and correct answer explanations to help students rectify their mistakes.

What subjects does EDUFINITI cover?

EDUFINITI only covers math at present. However, soon the platform will introduce other courses, with English being the next in line. All the material has been prepared. The next phase is uploading it to EDUFINITI’s databases. Then the work on science subjects will begin.

How can students access courses and participate in quizzes?

All the EDUFINITI courses come in free and paid versions. The free versions provide limited access to features like games and analytics. On the other hand, paid versions make all features available to students, giving parents full access to analytics while enabling kids to participate in quizzes, play games, earn EDUCOINS, and share their achievements on the platform’s children-friendly social media, EDUBUDDY.

To get the actual look and feel of the courses, please register on this link: Free Courses, or you can pick a free course of your choice.

Can Parents evaluate their kids’ performance on EDUFINITI?

Yes, EDUFINITI is working on an advanced performance analytics system to help parents see their kids’ reports featuring:

  • Percentage of quizzes
  • Strong and weak aspects of students
  • How long do their kids take to solve problems
  • Which problems they couldn’t solve
  • Overall grades from A+ to F

The system will soon be added to the user dashboard under the name of Parents Zone or Teachers Zone.

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