Doll House Game Grade 4

Doll House Game Grade 4

This game is designed for the girls of Grade 4 to have fun with Educoins earned by practicing on Edufiniti Education system with respective grade(s).

Rules are pretty simple,

Earn Educoins by practicing the Quizes of respective Grade

Use these earned educoins to unlock exciting items of Doll house.

More practice! More Educoins! More Items Collection!

Best of Luck!

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Doll House G4

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More Aquarium Items

All Doll House Items

Doll 6

All dolls in collection.........Yahoo!!!


A beautiful carpet in the room makes things look more beautiful.

Buying for each room won't cost much hey!

Bed room set

The most important room of the house where you get rest and good sleep.

How could you miss this?

Living Room set

Guests will come a lot to your Doll's house, so living room set will be needed soon.

Why not get one now.

Fences and Gate

Your doll house will need a beautiful fence to keep unwanted animals away.

Bath Set

Most essential beautiful bathroom set.

Dressing Table New Style

A more beautiful new style dressing table, must have item.

Simple Dressing Set

A simple corridor dressing table is very handy when your doll needs to do a quick touch up.

Doll 4

Another beautiful doll for your collection, be ahead then your friends by having more dolls .

Doll 5

Wow....You will have anther beautiful doll......grab now!

Kitchen set

How will you make food if you do not have Kitchen set in your doll's house.



An extra mirror for doll in corridor would be very nice.

Kids room 2

Need another Doll's kids room, here it is. Unlock now.

Beauty Box

This is nice beauty box for your doll.

Hair Styling Set

Your doll needs hair styling?

Then Unlock this complete hair styling set. You are the one having it first.

Powder Pie

Great for dolls and dolls accessories dollhouse decorations
Best pretend play toys.

Surprise Furniture set

Unlock this surprise furniture set for your doll house

Toys set

This beautiful set of toys is just for the kids of your doll 🙂

Dolls Full Make up and Hair Beauty Set

This will help teasing hair styles and makeup tones for dolls.

Sliding 1

Sliding with a strong base is another beautiful item for your collections

Doll House 2

Another beautiful Doll house, buying price is discounted so that you can start building this house with lots of items by practicing and earning Educoins.

Dressing table set

A beautiful dressing table set, best for your doll's bed room.

Wash Room Set

This complete wash room set is required most for your Doll's house, grab it by your hard earned Educoins.

Doll 1

A pretty doll, for her you building a pretty house.

Doll 2

A pretty doll, for her you building a pretty house.

Doll 3

A pretty doll, for her you building a pretty house.

Dressing Table Large

Get this Beautiful Dressing table by completing some steps mentioned below.

Side table

A beautiful side table for bed room of Doll's house.

Doll House Pink

A beautiful pink color doll house. Price is only 1000 Educoins as a discount offer to start building Doll house with all items.

Round Slide

Go round and round with this special round slide.


House is always incomplete without a beautifully designed Shelving

Sofa Set

Drawing room is empty without Sofa set, grab one now.

Wooden Horse

Kids love to ride wooden horse, grab one now.

Pet House

Your Doll's pet deserve a beautiful house as well, so what are you waiting for. Buy one now !

Kids room set

This complete set has all the basis items to make a kid happy in his/her room.

Complete the steps below and own this room.

Parrot Pet

Want to listen beautiful talking from parrot, then you will surely need this Parrot.

Squirrel Pet

Congratulation on buying this beautiful item.

Keep practicing, keep earning educoins and keep unlocking beautiful items

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